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    Manufacturer: MSD

    Bravecto for Large Dogs 20 - 40kg

    Bravecto is a chewable tablet for canines containing fluralaner. It is for the treatment and counteractive action of insect and tick pervasions in mutts. Bravecto can likewise be utilized as a component of a treatment procedure for insect hypersensitivity dermatitis (FAD) Active Ingredients:   Fluralaner.   Indications:  For the control of tick and bug pervasions on canines for 12 weeks. • Treats and controls existing bug and tick infestations • Sustained control of new bug and tick invasions for 12 weeks • Safe for use in rearing, pregnant and lactating dogs • Aids in the control of bug sensitivity dermatitis  Dosage: For oral utilize as it were. Regulate Bravecto at or around nourishing time for most extreme assimilation and adequacy. For ideal control of bug and tick pervasion, Bravecto ought to be regulated each 12 weeks.  Bravecto chewable tablets ought to be directed as per the accompanying table (comparing to a measurements of 25-56 mg fluralaner/kg body weight inside one weight band):   Bodyweight (kg) of pooch * For use in puppies from 8 weeks of age as it were. Inside every weight territory the entire tablet ought to be given to one individual pooch. For mutts measuring more than 56 kg, utilize a mix of two tablets that most nearly matches the body weight of your pet. Notices: Safety in puppies under 8 weeks and weighing under 2 kg has not been set up. Keep the item in the first bundling until utilize. Keep far from kids, clueless people and pets. Try not to eat, drink or smoke while taking care of this item. Wash hands altogether with cleanser and water instantly after utilization of the item. Try not to store with sustenance, beverages, medicine or family unit items.
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    Administration Oral
    Target Tick and Flea
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