Being a pet parent is one of the greatest joys of life! A fact we know, as we too are pet parents!  PetsExpress.co.za was established with a genuine passion for helping pets and their owners on their amazing journey together. The process of discovering pet treats, toys and accessories has never been easier or more convenient with an extensive selection of goods that will be delivered to your doorstep! No longer worry about running out of food or treats for your pets, the process can be completely automated with our delivery schedule system. With our Headquarters in Cape Town, South Africa and warehouses across the country, we deliver our highest quality items – fresh, fast and to your doorstep with a smile!


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Royal Canin Jack Russell Adult

Ideal for Jack Russell adults which are over 10 months of age. Jack Russell’s are notorious for their boundless energy and lively temperament. The formula in this dog food is designed to maintain lean muscle mass due to its appropriate protein content.
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